sustainable innovation

I share your passion and have walked in your shoes.

If your business is driven by your passion for sustainable innovation, you are likely introducing a new product or concept into the market.  You may be dealing with early adopters.  You are probably trying to engage with multiple stakeholders across your supply chain.   You may even be working within the context (or a frustrating absence) of relevant environmental, health or safety regulations.  

Understand Your Challenges & Opportunities

It is important that you understand your challenges and opportunities. The greatest market opportunities for sustainable innovation are being created by a combination of global regulatory policies, major brand commitments to sustainability, and consumer pressure on the marketplace.  These three factors are very much inter-related, and can create market shifts that open significant demand in the marketplace for sustainable products and business models.

Bringing a sustainable product, business model, or innovation into the market can be extremely challenging, however.  What may appear to be a market opportunity may not be ripe or ready from a business perspective.  In addition, it is not unusual to experience lack of market commitment, regulatory risk, and customer uncertainty around sustainable innovation. 

My sustainable innovation consulting services are focused on helping you understand and navigate your challenges and opportunities effectively.  By working with me, you can expect to:

Gain Market Traction with Your Innovation  

If you are working with sustainable innovation, chances are that you need to understand and get in front of your customers, develop a successful product-market fit, gain market traction, and prioritize your product development resources.  I believe that achieving these milestones means setting a customer- and market-oriented business strategy that takes into account your unique situation in the marketplace, your opportunities, and constraints.  I work with you to develop this strategy. 

Tap into Your Target Customers  

Chances are that your initial customers are early adopters.  Early adopters are companies or consumers who are actively trying to solve for themselves the problem that you are solving in the marketplace.  The remainder of the marketplace may benefit from your product but is not yet actively seeking the type of solution you offer.  Tapping into these early adopter customers, developing your business utilizing insights you learn from them, and scaling your business with their help will tremendously benefit your business.  I work with you to develop your business relationship with these early adopters and help you extend your reach to the greater early majority of the market. 

Early Adopter Customers Sustainable Innovation Consulting

Compete Effectively with the Status Quo 

If you are working with sustainable innovation, chances are that you are competing with the status quo.  The status quo has some market advantages in that it is already here, your customers are familiar with it, and and so it tends to be sticky in the marketplace.  Your best strategy in competing with the status quo is to build market allies, strategic partnerships, and stakeholders that will boost your business success.  I help you find partners, stakeholders and allies that are most suitable for you and develop those relationships to help you grow successfully.  

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