Startup advice



Customer discovery is essential to the successful development of your product and business. Without customer discovery, you are unlikely to develop a successful product, connect with customers effectively, or gain market traction.

These videos are an introduction to some of the foundational attributes of customer discovery. They cover topics such as who are your customers, how to categorize them for purposes of market analysis, how to talk to them, and how to gain insights from them.


Successful product development requires an understanding of your customers and industry. The following videos will help you understand the basics of the product development process and how it relates to successful innovation as a start-up. The overarching theme is lean / Agile design and iteration of your product based on your market opportunities.



Nothing in the videos below (or anything else I present to you, for that matter) is intended to be legal advice—nor is it legal advice. If you believe you need legal advice, go talk to an attorney. Always consult an attorney before seeking out funding for your startup if you want to be treated fairly, if you want to be legally prepared to receive funding, and if you want to ensure you are in legal compliance.