Product Development

Gather customer insights, prototype, rinse & repeat.

My unique and wholistic approach to product development combines design thinking, user-experience design, and prototyping to help you gain market success.  I also utilize customer and user discovery techniques targeted to help you gain the insights you will need along the way to innovate effectively.

Customer Discovery & Customer Insights

The science of product development has evolved exponentially over the last decades.  This has been driven by increasingly complicated software products, which require front-end design simplicity in order to be successful with users.  And yet, the same principles of good product development that apply to software development apply to physical products as well.  The key to successful product development is maintaining an ongoing process of customer discovery and user testing.  Customer discovery should be the guiding principle for all product development to identify priority features, create a successful user experience, and establish a product-market fit.

Why is customer discovery a key part of the product development process?  Because we are not experts on our customers' lives or workflow.  And because we have a tendency in business to made decisions based on our own perspective on the world.  We take for granted that our beliefs and assumptions are true.  Successful product development requires taking an objective step back from our beliefs and assumptions, and looking at our customers' perspective with fresh eyes.

Customer Discovery Consulting Services

Customer discovery can take the form of customer interviews, user testing, and other methods designed to obtain customer insights.  Customer discovery is intended to be an iterative process, whereby you develop ideas, validate those ideas with your customers, and incorporate customer insights back into the product development process.  I like to describe it as an inductive reasoning and design process that helps you get more specific about your priority product features over time.  

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New Product Development

If you are developing a new product, it is especially important to connect with your ideal customers.  The more you learn about your customers the better you will be able to develop a product that meets their needs. This includes having an understanding of what your customers are doing while they are using your product, and what they are doing when they are not using your product.

Your customers may be early adopters, the majority of the market, or even late adopters.  You will need to understand their workflow, modus operandi, motivations, values, how they identify with the problem you are solving, what inspires them, and what solutions they have tried.  I specialize in helping you with this process.  

Many companies have initial success in getting customer buy-in on an a new product, but then struggle to develop product features over time that increase value to their customers.  This is because they have ceased conducting customer discovery.  Customer discovery is an essential ongoing part of product development for an innovative company at any stage.  I understand this process and can help you increase the value of your product.

Investing in product development can be one of the most valuable and exciting commitments you can make to your business.  Contact me to find out more.