What I Do

I help companies developing sustainable innovation gain market traction. My work focuses on:

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  • Development of your product, business model and marketing content based on customer insights

  • Customer discovery & development through one-on-one conversations with your customers

  • Analysis and advice to help you prioritize your resources and focus your energies

You are in the right place if you want to build your business and develop your market share.

My Process

I help you navigate the unique challenges and opportunities of succeeding in the marketplace with a new and innovative product, service, or platform. My process is focused on helping you develop your business, overcome points of stagnation, gather insights and strategically align your product or service with your customers, users, and market.   Read more about my services here.




My Expertise

My background is in entrepreneurship, design, law, economics, and sustainability. My expertise combines analytical assessment techniques with design thinking strategies. I leverage behavioral analysis, customer discovery techniques, market research strategies, UX design, and lean start-up methods to help you meet your goals.

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what I am writing about

I am passionate about the entrepreneurs who are working to build a more sustainable society, economy, and environment. That same desire and vision inspired me to become an entrepreneur as well:


What Others Think

"Joanna was able to very accurately articulate my vision and transform it into a visual roadmap that helped us make significant milestones on our project.  I believe her design thinking and analytical skills are a tremendous asset to any business."

—    Travis Rosbach, Principal at The Tumalo Group

"Joanna's been a big help in our customer discovery process. Her recommendations have been on point and have been actionable which has saved us a bunch of time. We've been lucky to find her."

—    Rick Lee, Co-Founder of Wildish Outdoorsy Gear

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