Market Traction

Market Traction Consulting Services

My market traction consulting services are designed for the unique needs of innovative companies (e.g. start-ups, emerging companies, those entering emerging markets, and companies that are developing sustainable products).  I am here to help you assess the strengths and weaknesses of your business, bring customer insights into the development of your product,  build strategic partnerships for your business, and provide you with market and industry intelligence.  

Successful market traction is highly dependent upon your ability to gain customer traction with your product.   How can my services support you with this?  Through validation of key aspects of your business with your potential customers and market.  And through the evolution of your business based on what we discover. 

Here is what you can generally expect from me:

Initial market traction assessment 

A great way to start working with me is to have me conduct an initial assessment of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, constraints, assumptions, and risks.  It will identify where you are missing critical customer and market insights to gain traction effectively.  And the assessment will help you prioritize your product development, business development, sales, marketing, and other resources. 

Customer discovery & development

Much of my work is focused on helping you understand, get feedback from, and get in front of your ideal customers.  The best way to support your customer, product, and business development efforts is to have me  gather critical insights from your customers.  I will validate your assumptions about your customers and market, conduct user testing where appropriate, build relationships with your customers, and help you establish a game plan to gain market traction.

Strategic partnership building

One of my core strengths is my ability to identify and engage with potential suitable partners for your business success.  Whether you are looking for a strategic partner, an investment partner, or a customer who can help you scale your business, I will seek out and find suitable matches for you based on your current needs, capacities, and core strengths.  

Market & industry intelligence

Industry intelligence is critical information on what players in your target industry are doing today, how they interact with one another, and where they are heading.  This can include an analysis of industry regulatory requirements, your competitors, supply chain, potential investors, regulatory/policy trends and their status, and the activities of key influencers in your marketplace.  When combined with customer insights, industry intelligence is a powerful business development tool.  I utilize research and in-person interviews to cost-effectively gain market intelligence on your target industry.


My market traction consulting services are designed specifically for the needs of innovative and emerging companies.  I understand that ultimately you want to develop a financially successful and sustainable company; I am here to support you in that goal.

 If you are an innovative or emerging company, contact me to discuss how I can help you build your business on a solid foundation.