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how much I charge

Most of my offerings are package deals designed to get you meaningful results. A minimum package is broken up into two parts: part one is insights-gathering and analysis; part two is helping you incorporate insights and analysis into your business. A minimum price range for small insights-gathering and analysis projects is $850 to $1500. You can expect the same minimum price range for work we do together to help you incorporate insights into your business. Clients who complete parts one and two with me do much better on their project than clients who complete part one with me only.

For those wishing to hire me on an hourly basis, I recently began offering a sliding scale option for solo entrepreneurs ($55 - $75 / hour) and emerging companies of up to 5 employees ($75 - $105 / hour). You are much more likely to get lasting results on customer, product, and market development by working with me for a minimum of 15-20 hours at a time, however.

If you would like to talk about your needs, I am happy to meet with you on an hourly basis. I no longer do free initial consultations—if you want to learn more about my philosophy around customer discovery, product development, and related services before you contact me, please read on below and visit my video advice sessions page.

DIY Advice for entrepreneurs

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I offer DIY Advice to help entrepreneurs overcome obstacles, gain market traction, and develop an entrepreneurial mindset. Advice sessions are generally scheduled over a video call. I suggest signing up for a series of regular advice sessions to mobilize your decision-making and creative process. A great starting point is to conduct an alignment assessment for your startup with me, which will help develop your vision and priorities going forward (see description below). It will also help you understand your points of vulnerability and overcome stagnation caused by unproductive beliefs and fears around your business.

alignment Assessment

My alignment assessments help you prioritize your product development, business development, sales, marketing, and other resources. During this process, I will look at your individual and organizational strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, constraints, assumptions, and risks.  I will also identify where you are missing critical customer and market insights to gain traction effectively. During the assessment I will interview you about what you know, don’t know, and what you are assuming. Do not be surprised if I ask you quite a bit about your motivations, beliefs, and fears, as these influence your decisions.

Customer Discovery & Development

Much of my work is focused on helping you understand, get feedback from, and get in front of your ideal customers.  I will work with you to gain critical insights for your business by validating your assumptions about your customers and market, conducting user testing where appropriate, building relationships with your customers, and helping you establish a game plan to gain market traction. Read more here.


Product Development

Utilizing customer and user insights, I can help you develop your product through prototyping and iteration. My expertise is in building prototypes from scratch, obtaining user feedback, and refining them into a successful product. I work with 2-dimensional prototypes using design software. This is most suitable for software/app development, early physical product prototypes, and the design of services, policies, and structural solutions. I can also connect you to a network of specialized 3D product designers as needed. Read more here.

Business Development

Business development is corporate strategy activated through strategic partnership building and industry intelligence. I help you identify and engage with suitable partners for your business success based on your current needs, capacities, and core strengths.  I also provide industry intelligence in the form of research and in-person interviews with key influencers in your industry to help you understand your regulatory requirements, competitors, supply chain, potential investors, and important policy and market trends. Read more here.

Sustainable Innovation

I specialize in the unique challenges faced by companies looking to implement sustainable innovation in the maketplace. If you are innovating in the sustainability space, you will need to consider customer demand, industry trends, regulatory policy, corporate sustainability commitments, supply chain dynamics, and existing market infrastructure to a degree that most companies do not need to think about. I will help you through this process. Read more here.

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