Customer development

Develop your customers by understanding them better.

I believe customer development is about creating a mutually-beneficial business partnership between you and your ideal customers.  This requires curiosity, taking the time to have genuine one-on-one conversations, a willingness to learn from others, and a mindset of human empathy.  If you are an innovative or emerging company looking for a customer development consultant, you have come to the right place. 

I view your customers as your business partners.  Ideally, you are meeting their needs or solving their problem with your product.  They are providing you with product development feedback, marketing help, and a network of support for your business success.  

Get in Front of Your Ideal Customers

One of the biggest challenges for most innovative and emerging companies is in getting in front of their ideal customers.  It can take a long time to locate them in the first place if you do not have sufficient clarity around who they are.  It can also be difficult to get enough time with them to obtain feedback about your product if they are not sufficiently vested in your business success.  I am here to help you identify your ideal customers and develop your business relationship with them.   

learn how to communicate with them

Understanding how your customers think and talk about the problem you are solving is key.  Your understanding of your customers will determine your ability to effectively get in front of them by knowing 1) what to look for, 2) where they congregate when they are open to discussing your product, and 3) what to say to them.  It is very common for your customers to speak a different language from you.  They may not even understand that you can solve their problem unless you are able to articulate this effectively in your marketing content.  I am here to help you gain clarity on your customers' values, the language they speak, and the messaging that resonates with them.

Develop Champions for Your Product

Your customers can be the greatest champions for your product, your best sales team, and your most effective brand ambassadors.  Utilizing them as a resource is especially useful if you are developing a new product or entering an emerging market.  Your reach is limited and you cannot afford a sales team to match the size of an established company.   Utilizing your customers will help you move forward with limited resources.  I work with you to engage your customers in the success of your business, develop strategies to inspire them to become your champions, and establish meaningful long-term business relationships with them.

Understand Your Customers' Business  

The more you understand your customers' business, the better you will be able to meet your customers' needs.  This includes an understanding of your customers' relevant industry, supply chain, business costs, risks, and ways of doing things.  And a strategic understanding of your customers' customers.  My focus is on gathering insights on your customers' motivations, workflow, existing challenges and constraints, industry landscape, and supply-chain dynamics.  I help you develop your customer base informed by these critical insights.  

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