Joanna Malaczynski

Educational Background

  • University of Michigan Law School, Juris Doctor

  • UC Berkeley, Master of Landscape Arch & Environ Planning

  • University of Michigan, Bachelor of Arts in Economics

Who am I?

I am a design thinker with a background in entrepreneurship, environmental design, and industrial organization. My focus is on consulting and advising around market traction, successful innovation, customer discovery, and the entrepreneurial mindset.  I am especially passionate about helping companies that are deploying sustainable technologies and processes within their supply chain, and for those facing other unknown/higher-risk situations in their marketplace.  I bring my clients fifteen years of professional experience in understanding our world from a critical and creative perspective.  I am a former antitrust litigation attorney, urban/environmental planner, and sustainability software entrepreneur. 

Why am I doing this?

I founded DESi Potential based on my passion for seeing true innovation implemented in the marketplace.  For me, innovation is about building a better world and increasing our prosperity while solving our local, regional and global problems. I left a successful career in antitrust law some years ago with the belief that I could help solve our greatest social, economic, and environmental challenges with my brains. I learned over time that throwing a bunch of bright people together to work on a problem is insufficient to solve it. A bit wiser, I speculated that if lack of brains was not the key, then surely financing and the economics were the missing piece. This also proved to be insufficient. Over the years of working on complex challenges while engaging with diverse stakeholders, I realized that the greatest obstacle to solving our social, environmental and economic problems lies in our mindsets, mental models, and perceptions of reality. Further, our success largely depends on our ability to understand our customers, marketplace, competitors, and—first and foremost—ourselves.

Examples of My Work

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