Market Traction & Sustainable Innovation


We help those developing sustainable innovations become successful and gain market traction. Our work focuses on:

  • Customer discovery / development

  • Market-oriented product development

  • Developing and scaling your business or project

  • The particular market challenges of successfully implementing sustainable innovation

The Projects We Serve

We work on innovative projects that contribute to the sustainability of our economy, society, and environment, and/or help meet corporate social responsibility goals and commitments. We serve entrepreneurs, established companies, and other collaborators developing products, services, and programs related to: sustainable materials, green chemistry, sustainable packaging, green product design, circular economy projects, sustainability software, and others.    

Our Process

Sustainable innovation has some unique challenges and opportunities when it comes to successful implementation in the marketplace. We have developed a results-oriented process to help you navigate these challenges and opportunities effectively. Our process is focused on gathering key insights and strategically aligning your product or service with your customers, users, and market.   Such alignment is key to your business success.  

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What We Offer

Our unique professional expertise crosses multiple disciplines and leverages our experiences with customer discovery techniques, market research strategies, user experience design, sustainability entrepreneurship, innovation strategy, and stakeholder collaboration. We believe knowledge is power. That is why we help you gather and assess insights from your customers, users, market, and target industries.  Our goal is to help you align with the best opportunities for you.   


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Why It Matters

Here are a few memorable examples from the marketplace illustrating the importance of proper customer discovery:

Instagram Success Story


Instagram transformed itself from a flailing start-up to a billion dollar company when it realized that its customers valued the app’s photo-sharing features, and not its multitude of other features.

(The Atlantic; July 2, 2014)

Ford Recall Customer Insights


Ford recalled 13,500 of its SUV’s because it did not anticipate its customers would accidentally shut off the car while it was in motion when reaching for the sport mode button.

(CNN Money; January 6, 2015)

Expedia User Testing


Expedia lost $12 million in annual sales due to a confusing input field on their website. Customers confused by the field could not process their credit card through the system and left the site.

(; November 1, 2010)

What Others Think

"Joanna was able to very accurately articulate my vision and transform it into a visual roadmap that helped us make significant milestones on our project.  I believe her design thinking and analytical skills are a tremendous asset to any business."

—    Travis Rosbach, Principal at The Tumalo Group


"Joanna's been a big help in our customer discovery process. Her recommendations have been on point and have been actionable which has saved us a bunch of time. We've been lucky to find her."

—    Rick Lee, Co-Founder of Wildish Outdoorsy Gear