helping you break through the status quo

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What I Do

My work focuses on helping you break through the status quo by:

  • Understanding your customers, suppliers & industry;

  • Facilitating sustainable innovation in your company; and

  • Developing your sustainable product and business.

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My Expertise

I bring a diverse background to my work, with professional experience in sustainability software entrepreneurship, environmental design & planning, and complex litigation. I specialize in customer discovery, market research, industry intelligence, user experience design and user-oriented product development techniques.

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I am passionate about the entrepreneurs who are working to build a more sustainable society, economy, and environment. That same desire and vision inspired me to become an entrepreneur as well:


Why people hire me

"Joanna was able to very accurately articulate my vision and transform it into a visual roadmap that helped us make significant milestones on our project.  I believe her design thinking and analytical skills are a tremendous asset to any business."

—    Travis Rosbach, Principal at The Tumalo Group

"Joanna's been a big help in our customer discovery process. Her recommendations have been on point and have been actionable which has saved us a bunch of time. We've been lucky to find her."

—    Rick Lee, Co-Founder of Wildish Outdoorsy Gear

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